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 About WinClose

WinClose is a product whose designers have over 30 combined years of field experience in designing and installing real estate closings software.  WinClose was designed from the ground up to be Windows product.

Key Benefits

  • You can produce the Uniform Closing Disclosure and Buyer/Seller Statements
  • You can also produce the 2 page HUD or the 3 page HUD.
  • WinClose is tuned for your state and region.  A great effort is has been made to build in calculations that are unique to each state and region.  All calculations can be overridden.  
  • WinClose is intuitive.  After having keyed in 2 or 3 closings, you will be totally comfortable with the data entry screen design.
  • User designed forms are easy to add.  WinClose works seamlessly with the powerful merge engine in all versions of WordPerfect for Windows and Microsoft Word.  You follow your word processors rules for creating merge forms and pick from a list of pre-formated named merge fields to add a merge field into your form.  




Annual Support


Single computer 2,000.00 825.00 2,825.00
Multi computer /Network (15 users or less) 2,500.00 1045.00 3,545.00
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WinClose is sold only by FSS or approved distributors.  Training is required.  Training takes 2-3 days and the rates for each day vary by distributor and region.  Training via remote control software is available.

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Birmingham, AL 35226
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